Roxanne Haddrell Art and Photography

Roxanne Haddrell was awarded a Diploma in Fine Arts by the Emily Carr College of Art, with a major in Photography, in 1991. In 1994 she moved to Prince George, where she volunteered as a docent at the Prince George Art Gallery, and became an active member of the artistic community. In 2000, Roxanne moved to the Sunshine Coast, where she sharpened her skills in the Income Tax industry.

Today, Roxanne owns her own Income Tax Preparation office, where she displays and sells the artwork she creates. Her current project has been dubbed 10,000 Photos of the Sunshine Coast, and is the project featured on this site.

Click the mosaics to view a larger image.
Davis Bay photo Davis Bay mosaic This photo of Davis Bay was taken in the spring of 2009 when the daffodils were in bloom. The mosaic is comprised of 1722 images.
Portrait of a Duck photo Portrait of a Duck mosaic There are 900 images in this duck mosaic. This image was used to make a movie that can be seen on Youtube.
Self Portrait photo Self Portrait mosaic 924 images make up this self-portrait. As my database grows, the detail in the mosaics increases even when the number of images within the mosaic remains the same. The database held 1900 images at the time this mosaic was made.

In addition to the above mosaic project, I also have an account on Fotolia where I sell stock photographs. Follow the link to see a sample portfolio of some of the photos you can expect to see in a mosaic: